Wachsman’s One to Watch: Mantle

Mantle is the world’s first DAO-led L2 network, pioneering a vision for a more collaborative decentralized economy to showcase the potential of tokenized governance. 

The high-performance, modular Ethereum L2 network is being built by BitDAO and governed by the $BIT community. As the first L2 network partner for restaking protocol EigenLayer, Mantle directly inherits security from Ethereum while offering high performance at low fees.

Mantle serves as the bridge for various BitDAO initiatives. These include Web3 projects from Game7,  research from zkDAO, incubation from EduDAO, the ecosystem of dApps enabled by BitDAO, and more. 

Stay tuned for the launch of Mantle’s mainnet in the coming months and be a part of their community on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Discord!