About Us

In 2015, Wachsman was founded with a specific vision in mind: to support the entrepreneurs, founders, and risk-takers defying the odds and challenging conventional wisdom through strategic communications and storytelling. 

Over the years, Wachsman has become a trusted advisor and ally during defining business moments for hundreds of clients.  

Today, our organization maintains partnerships with leading companies that are pioneering new frontiers. We assist them in defining, amplifying, and sustaining their positions on the global stage.

Wachsman has offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Dublin, London, Geneva and Singapore.

For the Fearless

The Fearless are the bold new companies and individuals who dare to ask why, and are compelled to figure out how.

They are undeniable changemakers, upending traditional business models and reimagining the world through tireless innovation. They have one thing in common: an unwavering, unrelenting belief that the world can change for the better.

We work with ambitious leaders at the frontline of new and emerging industries and continue to make the world take notice – one story at a time – through a unique blend of strategic communications and marketing services.

In business situations with little precedent and no absolutes, we walk with intrepid leaders into the unknown. Together, we get ahead and stay ahead, untangle problems, and seek out new possibilities. 

Because at Wachsman, we believe that The Future Belongs to the Fearless.