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Only the Fearless

Wachsman is a strategic communications consultancy that works with ambitious leaders and technologists at the frontline of the new economy. As you push into uncharted territory, we help shape and elevate the way the world sees you.

Entrepreneurs, founders, and risk-takers often defy the odds and conventional wisdom, working tirelessly to affect change in the world. Wachsman partners with these innovators to establish and defend their position in the digital and decentralized age.

Since our inception, we have quickly become the go-to consultancy when the stakes are highest. Clients come to us when they are facing a defining business moment: when great change, complexity, or uncertainty stands before them and they need trusted advisors with the skills to help them navigate the obstacles and opportunities ahead.

A New Generation of Leaders

Founded in 2015 against the backdrop of shifts in the global financial system, Wachsman is today a trusted advisor and high-value partner to a new generation of businesses.

With our roots from Wall Street in New York and through hubs across the world, we operate from the frontlines of the new economy. Our vast geographic footprint gives our clients a strategic advantage as they embark on unprecedented journeys, helping them take on local, regional, and international markets across the Americas, EMEA, and the APAC regions.

Our team has unparalleled experience and expertise in emerging technologies and established business landscapes, as well as heavily regulated financial and policy circles. Blending world-class service with a belief in the “new,” we guide visionary businesses as they establish and defend their position as leaders in a digital and decentralized age.

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