Careers at Wachsman

At Wachsman, our team represents the leading companies in blockchain, the technology powering a new international economy. Already the largest agency of our type globally, we are actively seeking charismatic innovators, intelligent risk takers and ambitious leaders of tomorrow to join our team.

Benefits and Perks

Be part of something big

What’s more exciting than being at the forefront of one of the most groundbreaking and influential technologies of the 21st century? Join our team and make your mark on the new global economy.

Take care of yourself

Or should we say, let us take care of you. We make sure that our employees have the best, offering great healthcare packages and 401k/pension plans.

Office perks

Our fridges are always stocked with delicious and healthy snacks to keep you fueled whenever you need it. Our dedicated and creative employee experience coordinators work hard to make every day and every occasion special.

Work-life balance

We make sure our employees have time to celebrate their achievements and enjoy themselves. With regular happy hours and cold brew on tap, we embrace a healthy and refreshing work-life balance.

Staff Testimonials

  • Being a part of the Wachsman team is a truly special experience and that is thanks to the brilliant people I get to work with every day. The moment you walk into the office, you can feel the contagious energy and positivity that comes from each person who works here.

    The blockchain industry is evolving and changing so quickly, that no two days are ever the same and there are always new challenges to overcome and opportunities to take. If you are the type of person that is intellectually curious, excels in a team environment, enjoys taking on challenges and wants to make an impact through the work you do, then this is the perfect place for you.

    Garrett Butler
    Managing Director, Operations
  • Working at Wachsman can best be described as dynamic, collaborative and extremely rewarding.

    With a culture revolving firmly around teamwork, respect, and elite customer service, Wachsman is one of those rare workplaces where staff at all levels are empowered to work in ways that support proactivity, initiative, camaraderie and client satisfaction. Wachsman’s early success, coupled with its rapid growth and international expansion plans, has bred a staff of young, creative thinkers who execute brilliant campaigns with our client’s business goals top of mind.

    Our unique corporate structure, unparalleled network of industry partners and specialist skill-sets have allowed Wachsman to become the place to be for the ambitious professional seeking to make a difference in an exciting new industry, rather than being a cog in a slow moving, one-dimensional wheel.

    Jesse Platz
    Director, Public Relations
  • A career at Wachsman is like no other, as team members, we have a shared ambition, not only for ourselves and our own careers but for the company, our clients, and this hugely exciting industry. As members of the Wachsman team, we are empowered to be creative thinkers yet strategically focussed, to work alongside some of the most innovative and influential minds at the core of innovation, and ultimately make a difference.

    Since joining Wachsman I have witnessed first hand the company’s rapid growth, leading reputation, and the positive impact we have made not only on a multitude of clients but the overall blockchain industry. Our culture is unique yet infectious, where collaboration is key to a job well done and success is shared. The potential here at Wachsman is limitless and an opportunity like this is rare – you certainly won’t look back

    Alex Sheehan
    Senior Account Supervisor
  • Joining the team at Wachsman has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone at Wachsman can see the impact that their work has on the business and each of us has a stake in the success of the company. It has been a hugely rewarding experience to watch as Wachsman has grown and transformed into the leading professional services firm in the blockchain industry.

    We work with some of the major players in the blockchain industry, which can seem daunting at first, but there is incredible support at Wachsman which comes from all levels and departments within the company. There is a real focus on professional development and the potential to grow your career at Wachsman is limitless.

    Fiona Kerr
    Event Manager