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Wachsman has unparalleled experience navigating and managing the challenges, opportunities, and risks inherent in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. From the frontlines of innovation and emerging technology advocacy, Wachsman provides a blend of strategic and tactical guidance to changemakers and next-generation leaders across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA.


From Seed to Series A, finding product market fit, securing funding, hiring a team, and acquiring a user base are extraordinary challenges. Wachsman helps leading start-ups to find their feet, distinguish themselves in crowded markets, and set themselves up for long-term success.

Growth Stages

With rapid expansion, relentless innovation and increased competition, businesses in their growth phase require expert guidance as they seek to continue this trajectory while challenging established players. Wachsman catalyzes this phase through ongoing counsel, strategic planning to leverage business milestones, and everyday profile raising.


Unicorns share unique challenges: they have global scale, colossal revenues, and incredible growth. Faced with an accelerating rate of change, enterprising private companies require trusted external partners to provide industry intelligence and strategic counsel. With a high profile comes significant scrutiny and competition; Wachsman helps unicorns maximize opportunities and limit downside risk on their journey forward.

Established Enterprises

Public businesses or large private concerns face innumerable challenges from investors, customers, employees, and detractors. Wachsman helps established firms market new products, respond to crises, advocate for issues that matter, bolster leadership positions, conduct investor relations, remain ahead of challengers, and capture new territory.

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Funding & Investment

Wachsman crafts messaging to illuminate the caliber of a company’s work and creates platforms to bring ambitions to life.

Business Expansion

Wachsman helps its clients achieve their business goals by establishing and defending their strategic and industry positions.

Brand Growth

Wachsman believes brands grow through powerful stories told by the voices that matter most to a multitude of stakeholders.

Reputation Management

Wachsman supports every facet of reputation management, from accruing brand awareness to maximizing moments of inflection to supporting points of crisis and everything in between.

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