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Bringing together expertise in strategic communications, CEO advisory, business consulting, policy communications, and brand and digital marketing, Wachsman is dedicated to guiding leaders of the new economy through high-pressure and rapidly transforming environments.

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Strategy & Consulting

Wachsman was born to work hand-in-hand with the most progressive visionaries. In working with a leading strategic communications consultancy, organizations achieve their most ambitious goals by generating insight-driven plans of action and strategies that defend their hard-earned positions in the new economy.
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PR & Strategic Communications

Communication drives outcomes and changes behavior. The ability to resonate and activate stakeholders is directly tied to the strength of an organization’s messaging. Wachsman takes an audience-led approach, using data analytics and behavioral intelligence to craft compelling narratives and deliver impactful campaigns. Whatever the objective, whether thriving in complex industries or expanding into new markets, strategic communications is crucial to bolstering awareness and inspiring support for critical business decisions.
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Digital Marketing

Wachsman Digital is taking Web3 to the next level. We advise the fearless innovators and challengers defining our future. Our consultancy goes far beyond social, community, SEM, and influencer management. Our team of crypto experts guide clients on bringing their project or product to market with maximum impact. That 360 strategy enables us to take your company to new heights and get the most out of your digital package. Whether company narrative building, holistic digital roadmaps, or product release timing, our high level consultation is unmatched in the industry and comes included with our digital services.
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Founder & CEO Advisory

Never before have global CEOs been confronted by so much risk on so many fronts, from digital disruption and macroeconomic instability to climate change and geopolitical conflicts, with each issue imposing complex challenges to individual businesses and entire industries. Wachsman provides insight and counsel to the next generation of business leaders as they navigate new and complex markets, helping them to build and defend their position in challenging and volatile environments.
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