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Strategic Communications

Wachsman combines traditional industry experience and a deep understanding of the finance, fintech and emerging technology media landscapes to develop powerful strategic communications responses for clients. Our programs help clients forge impactful and lasting relationships with their most important stakeholders to drive desired behavioral outcomes. That can mean increasing consumer adoption of a product or service, forming mutually beneficial business partnerships, deepening the connections between companies and their employees, earning regulatory approval and more.
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Digital Marketing

Wachsman Digital is taking tech and financial ventures to the next level. We advise the fearless innovators and challengers defining our future. Our consultancy goes far beyond social, community, SEM, and influencer management. Our team of experts guide clients on bringing their project or product to market with maximum impact. That 360 strategy enables us to take your company to new heights and get the most out of your digital package. Whether company narrative building, holistic digital roadmaps, or product release timing, our high level consultation is unmatched in the industry and comes included with our digital services.
Services Include

Public Affairs & Policy

Wachsman boasts a team of experienced policy communications practitioners dedicated to supporting clients in successfully navigating complex regulatory and policy topics. Our professionals work alongside clients’ lobbying or government relations talent to achieve their communications goals. We have staff and resources available in key locations worldwide, allowing us to closely monitor the ever-evolving landscapes of legislation, policy, and regulatory affairs.

Investor Relations

Effective Investor Relations (IR) and financial communications is an indispensable ingredient to help companies achieve fair valuations, maintain an active investor pipeline, retain investor confidence and maximize goodwill. Wachsman’s programs can enhance a company’s ability to raise capital and promote confidence and credibility among investors, and help management teams maintain alignment with their boards, investors, and employees.


With many advertising options available and the landscape constantly changing, knowing where and how to invest your marketing budget can be challenging and time consuming. Wachsman acts as a trusted and unbiased partner to advise clients on which outlets and tactics will be most effective for them, and works directly with various publications to help clients gain access to highly competitive rates.

Events Support

Wachsman has an impressive track record in technology, finance, and entertainment events, with strong relationships at major events such as CES, SXSW, and the World Economic Forum in Davos. The firm has also served as the official media partner for major tech industry symposiums like CfC St. Moritz, Mainnet, and Consensus. Our services include customized recommendations for event attendance and sponsorship opportunities, assistance with speaker applications, and support in securing stage time at prestigious global events. We also facilitate media interviews on the ground to help spokespersons enhance their thought leadership profiles and maximize time spent at industry events. Upon request, Wachsman can organize networking events and satellite gatherings.

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