The Power of Storytelling: Why Words Matter for Blockchain & Emerging Industries

By Eoin McGinley – Director of Growth, Wachsman

When it comes to Web3 and storytelling, the approach differs from that of traditional industries. However, while the tactics may be different, the end goal should be the same – to communicate the promise of a world made better by new technology, in this case, a reimagining of the internet. It is important to remember that this sector, and its many branches such as decentralization and self-sovereignty, are highly complex. If we are to have any hope of this technology reaching a mainstream audience, then we need to break things down and educate consumers about the advantages a new framework for the web can provide.

Rather than focusing on the complexity of the technology underpinning these new services, we should be talking about the incredible leaps being made in everything from data ownership to personal finance. Leaps such as enabling near instantaneous transfers without relying on an intermediary like a bank, or demonstrating new means of ownership over digital assets, such as in-game items. These leaps have the ingredients of a great story, and great stories are about people. People doing incredible things, solving problems, making changes, and benefiting from innovation. When we are doing Web3 storytelling correctly, we place humans at the very heart. And to do all of that, we need to cut the jargon.

There is a learning curve with every new product, service, or technology, and the same is true for blockchain. However, if we can move away from confusing terminology that proliferates in the industry, and tell a compelling story about why this technology matters, we’ve hit the sweet spot. An industry that natively protects people’s data rights and enables new types of digital services and products will bloom right before our eyes. And wouldn’t that be something?