Who we are

Only The Fearless

Wachsman is a communications-based strategy consultancy that works with ambitious leaders and technologists at the frontline of the new economy. As they push into unchartered territory, we help shape and advance the way the world sees them and the value they bring.

These entrepreneurs, founders, and risk-takers often defy the odds and conventional wisdom, working tirelessly to affect change in the world.

As their epic journey begins, Wachsman partners with them to establish and defend their position in the digital and decentralized age. In situations without precedent or rules, we support leading innovators as they venture into the unknown.

Since our inception, we have quickly become the consultancy that clients go to when the stakes are high. They come to us when they are facing defining business moments ‐ when great change, complexity, or uncertainty stands before them and they need trusted advisors with the skills to help them navigate the obstacles ahead.

As these game-changers upend the old-world, they need partners to help build a future that is inevitably theirs.

A New Generation of Leaders

Founded in 2015 against the backdrop of shifts in the global financial system, Wachsman is today a trusted advisor and high value partner to a new generation of businesses.

With our roots in fintech-stronghold New York, and bases in Singapore and Dublin, we operate from the frontlines of the new economy. From these innovation hubs, we guide clients as they embark on unprecedented journeys, helping them take on local, regional, and international markets across the Americas, EMEA, and the APAC region.

Our team has unparalleled experience and expertise in bleeding edge technology, emerging and established business landscapes, as well as heavily regulated financial and policy circles. Blending world-class service with a belief in the "new", we guide visionary businesses as they establish and defend their position as leaders in a digital and decentralized age.

As we venture into the new normal, the future belongs to the Fearless.

We help our clients dare to be.


As a firm that is deeply ingrained in the transformative energy of our generation‐from the realms of business and technology to communications and visuals‐Wachsman collaborates with artists and tastemakers on social, economic, and political commentary, using our web page as a blank canvas to reflect the many moods of our time.

Yik Keat is a self taught urban photographer based in Singapore who brings a unique perspective to the world around us, applying a fresh focus and filter to images of daily life which capture the dynamism and uniqueness of the ordinary and everyday. Through our collaboration with YK, Wachsman aims to celebrate the world we inhabit, its energy, its potential—and to capture the spirit of the moment.