Media Relations

We connect journalists, producers and bloggers with our clients and expertly craft press releases, media kits and blogs to convey the right message, at the right time, to targeted audiences.

Strategic Counsel

We are the seasoned advisors to analyze your communications needs, develop your brand, and launch leading tech products and services.

Crisis Communications

We proactively prepare for and prevent crises. We have a proven track record of limiting reputational impacts with detailed damage control strategies, including when and what information to release to the public.

Experiential Marketing

We provide comprehensive event consultation and production services to curate every detail of an experiential marketing campaign. We amplify our clients’ messages to put their products and services in front of the right audiences.

With the world’s largest blockchain-focused public relations team, Wachsman has helped 120+ organizations achieve their audience engagement goals.

From the organizations behind exchanges to cryptocurrencies, from VC-backed companies to nonprofits, and from consumer platforms to sophisticated protocols, Wachsman proudly represents innovators pioneering an ever-expanding range of industries.