Challenging Conventions
and Championing Change

We work with some of the world's boldest companies as they develop and deploy complex and forward-thinking technologies with the potential to transform the world we live in. We strive to enable that change.

Bringing together experience and expertise in strategic communications, CEO advisory, digital marketing, business consulting and policy communications, we are dedicated to guiding the leaders of the new economy through high pressure and rapidly transforming environments where the rules are often unwritten.

At Wachsman, we work with visionaries.

Our responsibility is to ensure that everything they do is driven by that vision and brings them closer to their objectives. As a communications-based strategic advisory, we are focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals by establishing and defending their strategic and industry positioning.

Whether tackling a complex problem, planning an emblematic move, or deciding on which markets to enter, our goal-focused advisory provides leaders with the perspectives and insights they need to make strategic business decisions.

Our consultants have helped hundreds of leading innovators and decision makers in areas including:

● Strategic and industry positioning
● Profile raising
● Market entry
● Product launches
● Corporate narrative and messaging
● Strategy and planning
● Corporate rebranding
● Capital raising
● Regulatory approval processes

Done well, communications has the power to drive outcomes and change behavior. Whether it is to partner, invest or support, our actions are predominantly guided by communications. At Wachsman, we take an audience-led approach to strengthen our client's voice. By understanding audience insights through data analytics and behavioural intelligence, we help businesses craft compelling narratives and deliver impactful and successful campaigns. Whatever the objective, be it thriving in complex industries or expanding to new markets, strategic communications is crucial to any business strategy and can inspire support for critical business decisions.

● Media strategy and campaigning
● Press office and media relations
● Content development
● Digital campaigning
● Key opinion leaders/influencer management
● Data analytics and intelligence
● Internal intelligence and stakeholder engagement
● Corporate communications
● Corporate narrative and messaging development
● Media training
● Events management

Never before have global CEOs been confronted by so much risk on so many fronts, from digital disruption and economic uncertainty to climate change and geopolitical uncertainty, with each posing complex challenges to both individual businesses and entire industries.

At Wachsman, we provide insight and counsel to the next generation of business leaders as they navigate new and complex markets, helping them to build and defend their position in challenging and volatile environments, including:

● CEO agenda
● Market entry
● Executive positioning
● Succession planning
● Board advisory
● Change management
● Talent advisory
● Family office planning
● Philanthropy and sustainability
● Personal impact coaching

For those venturing into unknown territories/for those who go off the beaten path, crisis mitigation and control must be an integral part of their agenda. As they build and scale their operations, reach and interests, we help them defend their progress and consolidate their leadership.

Our crisis advisers are uniquely placed to provide Boards and their CEOs with the tools and training to communicate clearly and authoritatively with their publics in the event of a crisis. Our strategy and execution support covers every stage of the crisis preparedness and response cycle including:

● Risk assessment
● Reputation risk
● Special situations
● Activist and investor defense
● Cybersecurity breaches
● Community or detractor attacks
● Sanctions, legal cases, and litigation
● Live crisis simulation and stress testing
● Crisis training
● Review of crisis management systems

As their business expands into new markets and new products, organizations will need to take into consideration the global regulatory landscape.

In order to manage the increased political risks that come with beating new paths and pushing the frontiers of business, we provide our clients with the insights, analysis, and strategy around some of the most complex policy and regulatory challenges facing new and emerging industries:

● Core policy positions
● Policy communications
● Advocacy
● Regulatory mapping
● Industry and political intelligence
● Trend reports and policy briefs
● Policy advisory

In today's dynamic business environment, an organization's ability to change is a critical competitive advantage. It allows them to pursue new markets, restructure to operate better and remain relevant in a continually evolving landscape. However, successful change management can be elusive. Effective change communications equips business leaders with the tools they need to successfully transform their organizations. It enables them to create a shared understanding among employees and shareholders on the need for change, and garner support for the implementation of transformation. From vision and purpose to governance and organizational design, Wachsman can help with the creation, alignment and execution of complex change programs.

● Transformation roadmapping
● Corporate restructuring
● Mergers and acquisitions
● Corporate governance
● Target Operating Model design and implementation (TOM)
● Employee engagement
● Internal communications
● Shared purpose and organizational culture

The Fearless Leaders

Our team's collective experience includes working alongside some of the best-known actors in the global emerging technology sector as well as some of the largest corporations in the world.

We pride ourselves on possessing the necessary knowledge and experience to manage technological complexity in both highly-regulated and nascent, largely unstructured sectors. Our clients run from those operating in heavily-regulated environments, such as big banks, insurtech giants, financial service providers and even national governments, to those leading blockchain protocols, payment gateways, digital asset exchanges, and innovation labs. What remains constant is our commitment to enabling change and helping our client's achieve their objectives.