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Wachsman works with some of the world’s most innovative companies as they develop and deploy complex and forward-thinking technologies with transformative potential.

Challenging Convention and Accelerating Change

Integrating expertise in strategic communications, CEO advisory, brand and digital marketing, business consulting, and policy communications, Wachsman guides the leaders of the new economy through high pressure and rapidly transforming environments.

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Funding & Investment

Fundraising is critical to the continued success of many businesses. Strategically planned communications coordinated with investors and supporters can maximize the opportunity to transform grand visions into tangible realities. Wachsman’s team of experts can chart a path forward.

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Business Expansion

Expansion is a necessary byproduct of growth. From conducting mergers and acquisitions, entering new markets, or adding strategic partners, Wachsman’s expertise guides an organization’s ventures to maximize potential outcomes.

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Brand Growth

A sophisticated approach to brand growth is centered around the audience, ensuring that the issues and trends audiences care about are reflected across channels and platforms. Wachsman’s integrated marketing and communications programs provide continual feedback from audiences and apply that input directly to messaging, driving greater brand resonance and loyalty.

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Reputation Management

Reputation is critical to securing trust in a dynamic, emerging tech environment. Wachsman helps position clients as thought leaders in their industries, equipping them with the context and knowledge to discuss a vast array of topics. In times of crisis, Wachsman’s teams navigate high-stakes communication with urgency and care.

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Meet Your Goals

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