Culture Sustains Innovation

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We foster a supportive environment committed to excellence that enables our staff to deliver invaluable work to some of the smartest people on earth.

Fearless Leaders

Wachsman is committed to growth. The growth of our industry, our clients, and our colleagues.

The cultural environment we have co-created enables our team to deliver excellence every day. The key traits we look for are passion, empathy, curiosity, and self-discipline. We operate based on servant leadership, accountability, resilience, and transparency.

These traits and practices enable us to be fearless in our work. Consequently, our clients receive the full brainpower, talent, and experience of our diverse and highly skilled staff.

At Wachsman, our people enjoy spending time together. Virtual happy hours, lunch and learns, special events and in-person meet-ups are just a few of the ways we connect on a person-to-person level.

Industry Events

Working for Wachsman means working directly across virtual and physical spaces. This means we attend some of the biggest events in technology industries, connecting with the people who are shaping the new economy.

Educational Workshops

Our global team can provide clients with benefits such as 24/7 support amid a crisis response. We offer many of our employees the flexibility to work from home or in hybrid environments, so that they can succeed where they work best.

Virtual Meet-ups

Book clubs, global all-hands, and holiday happy hours are just a few of the ways we like to stay connected to bridge the distance between hubs, countries, and continents.

Advisors to the Next Generation of Leaders

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