Wachsman Will Miss its 2019 Summer Interns

These past two months, the Wachsman offices in New York and Dublin have benefited from the enthusiasm, diligence, and adaptability of the five interns who have worked as junior members of the PR teams. For a whole quarter, they’ve helped our expert PR teams assist our demanding clients.

At Wachsman, we know that a good internship provides direct experience: Interns shouldn’t be set aside in a corner doing clerical and administrative work. We treat interns as young professionals and expect them to make substantive contributions to client engagements. Our interns work directly under Account Supervisors and learn from their expertise. Our interns receive a taste of real agency life that will serve them well wherever their careers might take them. In some cases, their paths have led right back to Wachsman; we’re proud that over the past few years several former interns have joined us full-time. 

As we prepare to say goodbye to this group of young women, we asked each of them a few questions about their time at Wachsman. 
What was one of your fondest memories here?
Jen Testa (PR Intern, New York):
“I loved being able to be part of a team where collaborative work was encouraged and my ideas were heard. I also really loved Friday All-Hands and getting to meet other professionals in this industry.”

How would you describe your experience at Wachsman?
Ashleigh Keane (Events Intern, Dublin): 
“My experience at Wachsman has been one-of-a-kind! From the workplace culture to the variety of clients, I feel very lucky to be able to do an internship in this company. From day one, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly which allowed me to look forward to going into work each day. I didn’t have a lot of previous knowledge of the blockchain industry, but I’ve learned so much in such a short time. I love working with the events team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

How has this internship helped you grow?
Lexi Glicksman (PR Intern, New York):
“This internship has helped me grow as both a person and a PR professional, gaining skills I will use throughout my professional career. I was lucky enough to get to learn from some of the leading experts in this field and created relationships that will last beyond these ten weeks.”

What advice would you give to future Wachsman Interns?
Brooke Tanner (PR Intern, New York): 
“Don’t let the crypto industry intimidate you. It is scary and confusing, but being curious and figuring it out is half the fun. Never think a question is a bad question, and never feel self-conscious asking for help. Because in the end, you will feel so much more accomplished having tackled the industry head-on.”

Did this internship meet your expectations?
McKenna Smith (PR Intern, New York)
“This internship surpassed every expectation I had set before I started. Not only did I learn all of the skills needed to be successful in the PR Industry, I was also able to learn a great deal about blockchain and fintech. I have learned more in the past ten weeks than I ever could have imagined and I cannot wait to use what I have learned here as I continue in my career.”