Wachsman Says Goodbye to its 2018 Summer Interns

Over the last two months, Wachsman welcomed 10 interns to its New York City offices for substantive internship programs across its Public Relations, Events, Operations, and Strategic Advisory departments. The interns, each coming to Wachsman from esteemed universities from around the country, spent the summer working first-hand with our expert teams to help provide quality service offerings to clients in the blockchain and fintech industry.

At Wachsman, we believe that a well-rounded internship experience requires more than just a fast-paced learning environment. That’s why in addition to professional skill-building, we worked to provide numerous social events around the New York City area. From bowling at Chelsea Piers, to cooking parties in Midtown, to weekly lunch and learn presentations at our offices in the Financial District, we strived to make our interns feel like they were a part of the team.

As we prepare to say goodbye to this bright group of young professionals, we asked each of them to share their personal experiences from the 2018 Wachsman Summer Internship Program.

How would you describe your experience at Wachsman?

Katherine Roddy (PR Intern): Wachsman has surpassed all of my internship expectations. While most internships involve non-educational tasks like grabbing coffee or doing busy work, my time here has been filled with exciting opportunities, including getting to go to a cryptocurrency conference in Times Square and speaking directly to clients on weekly calls. Through this experience, I have grown in my professionalism and have made lifelong connections.

Jenny Khatri (Events Intern): My experience at Wachsman has been one-of-a-kind. I never thought that I would be learning about blockchain technology in a way that combined PR and events management so well. The welcoming people at Wachsman made it even more enjoyable!  

Parker Feinerman (Strategy Intern): Overall, I’d describe my experience at Wachsman as incredibly unique. Even with its team of more than 100 employees, Wachsman has retained its close-knit, small company culture. As a result, I’ve been treated much more like an actual employee than just an intern.

What is one key thing that you learned during your internship?

Amanda Myers (PR Intern): It’s important to be a team player. During my time at Wachsman, I’ve learned the value of being flexible and open-minded to encourage a bright career path.

Kevin Le (Operations Intern): I learned how to effectively leverage and communicate my skills in a business environment. Over the course of my internship, I worked to create a tool that would not only allow us to explore crypto assets in a data-driven manner, but would also allow us to communicate actionable insights in a way that the company could understand. The process of finding the balance between technical and non-technical communication is something that I will definitely take away from this internship.

Shane Goldstein (PR Intern): Everyone has something to teach you, and it’s important to go out of your way to engage with and learn from your coworkers.

What was one of your fondest memories here?

Isabel Getz (PR Intern): My fondest memory was when the Wachsman staff participated in the cook-off event “Battle of the Bites”. It was fun way to bond with the members of the team. Of course, it helps that my team won.

Claire Mohun (PR Intern): I really enjoyed the weekly lunch and learn program, as it gave the interns the opportunity to get to know various individuals from around the office and hear their perspectives on how they ended up at Wachsman. Their insight was invaluable.

What advice would you give future Wachsman interns?

Mary Dawson (PR Intern): I recommend taking advantage of every opportunity available from your internship. From volunteering, to playing kickball, to raising your hand when your team needs something done, it’s important to be proactive. People will give you responsibilities if you show that you can handle them.

Tiffany Wang (PR Intern): Feedback is your friend! Even if you mess up, keep in mind that the entire internship is a learning experience, so try to absorb any feedback your mentor gives you.

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