Wachsman Launches in Singapore

It’s been a monumental year of milestones here at Wachsman. With an increasing international client base, more than 100 employees, and the launch of the Strategic Advisory Group, our mission to drive global awareness of blockchain is well on its way to actualization. As Wachsman continues on this trajectory, maintaining a global footprint has caused our team to think critically about how to meet the growing needs of our clients, and a formative step in this process has been establishing a new regional headquarters. When it came time to decide where to expand, CEO David Wachsman selected a location known well for its support of blockchain-focused enterprise: Singapore. Today, Wachsman is proud to announce our new Singapore office, bringing our Strategic Consulting, Events Management, and Public Relations services to blockchain market leaders in the Asia Pacific region.

Why Singapore?

For Wachsman, Asia was a clear choice for the next phase of the firm’s expansion. It’s home to nine of the 10 top cryptocurrency exchanges — with an estimated daily trading volume of more than $5 billion USD — and is said to be one of the fastest-growing regions pioneering blockchain adoption in the world According to the Harvard Business Review, of the 10 most innovative economies in the world, three are located in Asia (Singapore, South Korea, and Japan). So much of the technical world can be traced back to the Asia Pacific region, and this is perhaps no more apparent than when discussing the world of blockchain.

In Singapore, attitudes toward blockchain technology are uniquely favorable for industry expansion, with many companies actively experimenting with potential avenues for integration. In fact, a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) estimates that 82% of executives in Singapore are considering  blockchain technology in some capacity, with 13% stating that initiatives have already been put in place. It’s certainly an exciting prospect for potential candidates, many of whom are actively searching for blockchain-focused roles in the near future. According to recruitment firm Robert Walters, there has been a 50% increase in the number of positions related to blockchain in Asia in the past year, showcasing the breadth of industry expansion occurring within region. With our Singapore office, Wachsman hopes to capitalize on this tremendous momentum, creating a regional headquarters in a city with a long-held reputation as a fintech hotspot and birthplace for digital innovation.

Building a Team

In anticipation for this announcement, Wachsman has hired local talent to bolster a contingent of experienced personnel that transferred from Dublin and New York to the Singapore office. By the conclusion of 2019, Wachsman aims to substantively add to this existing headcount with the creation of 20 new jobs in Singapore across our Public Relations, Events Management, and Strategic Advisory departments. The decision also completes Wachsman’s goal to create global coverage across every timezone, ensuring that our specialized teams can provide service offerings to clients around the world.

When Wachsman was founded in 2015, we had one aim: To support burgeoning businesses working in the blockchain industry. Now with more than 100 employees across offices in New York City, Dublin, and Singapore, we are more prepared than ever before to advise companies as they navigate an ever-changing market. The industry will, no doubt, continue to evolve. However, whatever its path may be, Wachsman will be there, ready to assist those seeking to lead the blockchain revolution.

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