Wachsman Hosts Finimize Event in Dublin

Finimize events spark a conversation on how millennials and Gen Z-ers are changing the face of recruitment and how big tech is adapting for the new generation.

On Thursday, October 25, a community-hosted Finimize event entitled “How Big Tech is Adapting for the Next Gen” took place at Wachsman’s Dublin headquarters at the Digital Hub. The Digital Hub has a longstanding history in Dublin. Not only was it formerly the home of the EMEA offices of Stripe, Slack, and Etsy, but it was a Guinness hop storage space for over a century.

An intimate gathering of 50 industry influencers and community members, the event featured a panel discussion moderated by David Wachsman, Founder and CEO of Wachsman, as well as speakers from some of Dublin’s biggest tech and recruitment companies, including Karan Chilana of Google, Aidan McLaughlin of Indeed, Susan Comyn of BidRecruit, and Dara Boland of Morgan McKinley.

From Left to Right: Dara Boland, Morgan McKinley; Aidan McLaughlin, Indeed; David Wachsman, Wachsman; Susan Comyn, BidRecruit; and Karan Chilana, Google.

The hour-long panel offered guests an insightful and vibrant discussion about how the recruitment process has changed for Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2015), especially as priorities have shifted in recent years.

Panelists discussed how companies are working to attract — and retain — the world’s first group of digital natives, including tailoring their approaches to appeal to a demographic that thrives on innovation and automation.

The Finimize event took place in Wachsman’s new office space at the Digital Hub in Dublin, Ireland.

Other topics included: How, despite being accustomed to the convenience of instant gratification through the advancement of technology, Gen-Z individuals hold many admirable values, including cherishing transparency and authenticity; how machine learning and blockchain stand to disrupt the recruitment industry; and whether CVs remain a relevant form of communicating a person’s skill sets and personality.

Members of the audience engage in a lively conversation about big tech.

Audience members then asked industry-specific questions, including whether we can begin to predict the characteristics of the post-Z generation, and how tech firms are adapting to shifting sentiments. Finally, panelists were asked to name the one piece of technology that they couldn’t live without — answers ranged from smartphones, to cloud storage, to a Tamagotchi.

As businesses continue to adapt to a rapidly-changing world, and millennials and Gen Z-ers continue to change the face of the workplace, conversations like these are important to inspire reflection, engagement, and action. We look forward to holding Finimize events in the future.

Do you want to host a Finimize event in your city? All you need is a location and idea! We’ll send over swag and help you organize. For more information, email [email protected].


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