Strategic Advisory Group: A New Era for Wachsman

The beginnings of bitcoin…

When Wachsman was founded in 2015, we had one aim, to support burgeoning businesses working in the bitcoin industry. By offering traditional PR services in this new and unruly industry, we were able to provide consistent results for clients and turn fresh-faced startups into respected global businesses. Wachsman quickly became the agency of choice for bitcoin exchanges, wallets, and ATM networks.

Just as the Bitcoin industry evolved, we too had a change of pace…

In 2016, a new area of focus emerged. Bitcoin was no longer the star of the show and it became clear to many that the real potential of this new technology was the blockchain. Wachsman moved from a “bitcoin PR agency” to a “blockchain PR agency” and began supporting hundreds of blockchain businesses globally. These businesses offer unique blockchain capabilities and are involved in industries that reach far outside those of currency and finance.

That same year, the blockchain/crypto conference circuit began rapidly expanding and it became clear to us that attending and speaking at events would be hugely beneficial for our clients. In late 2016, we launched our events division, providing our clients with a sophisticated offering of consulting and production. This, coupled with our unique approach to public relations, helped us to position our clients as the leaders in the blockchain industry.

From bitcoin to blockchain to mainstream…

At Wachsman, we have followed the evolution of blockchain closely and have always grown our own company in line with the industry we represent. As our clients matured, so did their needs, and we quickly realized that we needed to expand our service offerings to help them successfully navigate the road ahead.   

As the blockchain industry continues to gain mainstream traction, we too are reaching a point of change on our own journey. Our newest division, the Strategic Advisory Group, has been created to help companies from within and outside the blockchain industry implement transformative strategies that will bridge the gap between this revolutionary technology and the outside world.

Leading the charge for this new group are Managing Director Michael Chang and Associate Director Franklin Bi, who previously led blockchain efforts at Jefferies and J.P. Morgan investment banks respectively in New York City. Their institutional backgrounds, combined with their passion for the transformative effect of blockchain, will be paramount to expanding the depth and breadth of value that Wachsman can provide.

The industry will, no doubt, continue to evolve. However, whatever its path may be, Wachsman will be there, ready to assist those seeking to participate in the blockchain revolution.


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