Navigating Difficult Questions During The Holidays

The holidays are perhaps the best time of year for reconnecting with loved ones. But though visions of cheer and conviviality, of warm fires on cold nights, of feasts and parties, may run through your head when you hear the word “holiday,” sometimes things are a little more difficult. Sometimes your family, friends, loved ones, second cousins once removed, and distant acquaintances may have some trying questions for you. We’ve done a little thinking and put together answers to some of the more pressing holidays queries. Remember: There’s a time to put a good public relations face on, there’s a time for deflection, and there’s a time for brutal honesty. As PR professionals, we know when to make each of these decisions.

  1. Do I have to get my siblings presents?
    • Only if you have siblings. And want to remain on speaking terms with them.
  2. What is ‘the blockchain?’
  3. So what exactly do you do? 
    • You know when suddenly you start hearing about some new startup or company everywhere? That’s us. We stand in the wings and get our clients the spotlight.
  4. Do you plan to live in New York long-term?
    • You don’t really live in New York so much as you exist there. 
  5. When are you finally going to have children?
    • Never. The most I’ll have is plants––say hello to your grandplants the next time you come to visit.
  6. When are you getting engaged? 
    • It’s NYC. I’m already married to my job. 
  7. Isn’t it so expensive to live in New York?
    • Yes. My Venmo handle is [XX.]
  8. Is Bitcoin what they use on the dark web?
    • These days you can get it at the grocery store. 
  9. Where is [name of ex-partner] you brought last year? 
    • If you have TikTok. If you don’t: “That relationship is on pause right now while I explore other opportunities.” 
  10. What does Bitcoin have to do with drug dealers?
    • Cryptocurrency is aimed at all users, and provides access to capital for the unbanked. This includes refugees. And drug dealers.
  11. Isn’t North Korea developing a cryptocurrency?
    • Maybe? They already have a regular currency and we don’t denounce money because North Korea has it too.  
  12. So you work in an industry that is not legit? 
    • They are legit, how many times do we need to go over this? Blockchain is the future, mom!!!

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