Daily Rundown: Joe Coufal, Senior Account Executive

In our new Daily Rundown series, we aim to give you an inside look into a day at the Wachsman office through the eyes of those who know it best — our team members. This week, we highlight Joe Coufal, Senior Account Executive in New York City. By taking a walk in Joe’s shoes, we hope to give you a peek into the exciting and fast-paced schedule of the Wachsman team.

8:30 am: Hop on the subway from Brooklyn over to the financial district. I hit some minor delays but nothing out of the ordinary for the J train. While I wait, I check periodic client emails and brainstorm eToro’s daily market commentary pitch. Coffee is also high on my priority

9:00 am: Greet my team. It’s bagel Monday, so I indulge in (half) of an everything bagel with cream cheese.

9:30 am: Attend the daily seniors meeting. I fill everyone in on the day ahead and hear about a potential pitch opportunity surrounding a recent announcement by the European Union.

10:30 am: Follow up with a third party for approval on an upcoming press release on a new product launch. It’s time sensitive, so I want to make sure that we finalize the language as soon as possible.

11:30 am: Hold a weekly update call for one of our clients. Our PR and Events teams are both looped in to ensure that we’re adequately prepared for an exciting few months.

12:30 pm: Run out for lunch. Today, it’s a tuna poke bowl from Poke Green. Since we work in the financial district, I try my best to mix it up. Tomorrow…maybe Mexican?

1:30 pm: Head back to the office following a last-minute request for a client’s partnership announcement. I work with team leads to decide when and where we should position the release.

2:30 pm: Draft news commentary for client approval. Timing is everything here — the sooner we get our clients’ thoughts to media, the better. I think this might be a particularly good broadcast opportunity, so I reach out to some local contacts to see if there’s any interest. Luckily, there is.

3:30 pm: Build out and maintain an ongoing pitch calendar surrounding a wide range of industry-specific topics. I try to capitalize on anniversaries, holidays, and topical industry milestones to create key news coverage for our clients.

4:30 pm: Take a quick break for ping pong. Admittedly, I’m not the best at it. However, what I lack in ability, I more than make up for with enthusiasm.

5:30 pm: Sync with the team and outline next steps for tomorrow. I find that setting up priorities in advance ultimately makes the mornings more manageable — although, you always have to leave room for something unexpected!

6:00 pm: Hop back on the subway to Brooklyn, picking up ingredients for a homemade shawarma sandwich along the way  —  lots of fresh lemon juice is key!