Cutting-edge Careers: How Wachsman Bridges the Blockchain Career Gap

Ever thought of a career in blockchain, but not sure how to get started? We asked three Wachsman employees about the paths that led them to their current roles and the opportunities that careers in the blockchain industry have to offer.

Eoin McGinley came to  Wachsman’s PR department as a Senior Account Executive from a small technology-focused PR firm based in Dublin. With a background in technology PR, the move into the blockchain industry, although daunting, wasn’t an entirely new experience. At Wachsman, Eoin’s day-to-day tasks include drafting and distributing press releases, liaising with reporters to secure interviews, and creating communications strategies to drive awareness of clients.

Eoin says of working in blockchain “at my last agency, we primarily focused on securing coverage in national media. Blockchain is a borderless and global industry; because of this, I’ve had to turn my attention to international publications and build relationships with journalists all over the world. I’ve had the opportunity to reach out to very high-profile media outlets like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, outlets that I simply would not have contacted in my previous role. It’s very exciting to be working with those at the very top of the field of journalism and to have the chance to generate media opportunities in these outlets for clients.”


Tara Daly, an Event Coordinator in Wachsman’s Dublin office, also came from a traditional agency background before joining the team in April 2018.

Describing her current role, Tara says “I help clients achieve their overall business objectives by securing speaking opportunities and managing sponsorships at the biggest and best blockchain and cryptocurrency events. This involves developing global event strategies, producing networking events, and managing onsite logistics at conferences.”

Although the client was always key, I was not as involved in the strategy or rationale behind events. What I love about this role is that our work is far more collaborative. We need to know our clients and their projects inside out. We are not just a service provider, we work to help our clients achieve their objectives strategically and they really value our insight into the industry and the role that we play as part of their team.”

Reid Yager, an Associate in Wachsman’s Strategic Advisory Group, finds blockchain projects more interesting than traditional industry and enjoys being able to see the real-time impact his work has on a client’s business or community.

Speaking about the learning curve at Wachsman, Reid says “Wachsman has striven to create an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and professional development. Teams work together to bring up all members and democratize knowledge for everyone at  the company. These attributes have stabilized the learning curve so that anyone can pick up with a Wachsman client and make an impact from day one.”

Echoing Reid, Tara says “collaborative learning is really encouraged at Wachsman. The blockchain industry is constantly evolving and so we all learn something new every day. We share any tools and resources we come across with one another and have weekly meet-ups to discuss any industry updates.

Eoin adds “people shouldn’t be put off by the (perceived) complexity of the sector — within a few weeks, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned. It’s a great sector that continues to challenge you, which really drives you to give your best every day.”

Reid gives this advice to anyone considering a career in blockchain “the blockchain industry is not reinventing the wheel for professional services. Companies and projects, no matter how decentralized, will continue to need assistance with communications, strategy, and event management. Anyone looking to take a chance, learn more about the world, and embark on  a career of self-exploration will feel at home in this welcoming and growing industry.” Through it all, Wachsman will help you get there.

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