The Importance of Good Messaging in Building a Brand

Ask anyone in business: success is all about messaging. A company could have a world-class product and an ironclad long-term strategic plan, but without a tailored vision for communications, it’s hard to imagine it ever getting off the ground. How could it? An unknown product is untapped value; a product’s audience needs to know it exists. Especially for those in the blockchain and emerging technology industries, the value of proper messaging cannot be underestimated.

Unlike companies born out of traditional industries like agriculture or construction, blockchain and other emerging technology companies must not only be able to educate potential customers about how their product works, but also about why they should use it. At Wachsman, we recognize that this can be an uphill battle for projects that are otherwise trying to remain laser focused on bringing their products to market. Below, we’d like to provide a few key strategies that will help you streamline your messaging, so that you can set the foundation for successful business practice for years to come.

Consistency is Key

It should be one of the first questions you ask yourself before embarking on a new project: “What exactly do we do?” “How do we differentiate our project from the rest of the industry?” Creating a mission statement that’s both informative and marketable often proves tricky and painstaking, but it forces your team to agree on your product’s goals. Without consensus, you’ll likely discover that members of your team hold fundamentally conceptions of the project’s goals or scope. Unfortunately, if conflicting messaging is released to the same target audience, you may be accused of with misinformation, false advertising, and, almost certainly, confusion. In the pursuit of company expansion, having any of the above in your communications plan can be a substantial inhibitor for effective brand recognition.

When you decide to compile your first mission statement, take the extra step and ensure consistency across all branding, marketing, and advertising materials. Coming to an accord about how best to communicate your value proposition before, not after, you start rolling out your product is critically important to ensuring that your audience effectively understands what you do. In some cases, it may be smart to create a consolidated key messaging document with descriptive phrases, statistics, and taglines to inform your team about how to describe your company to the outside world. In a crowded blockchain ecosystem, consistency is key.

Eye for Error

Grammar is often considered to be the most straightforward aspect of clean messaging, so why do errors persist? From the world’s largest multinationals down to the smallest startups, glaring grammatical errors are endemic to online copy and messaging — the ramifications of which can leave users questioning your company’s professionalism. Not everyone has to be an expert copyeditor, but there is an obligation to look over existing copy to ensure that there are no blatant mistakes. Leaving noticeable misspellings in your product description or, worse, on your website, can significantly impact your brand reputation.

To eliminate stylistic inconsistency, consider creating a company-specific style guide to ensure high-quality communication across all messaging. Doing so will provide your employees with the tools necessary to send an email, publish a blog, or write a report with one cohesive institutional voice. Variant formulations may be equally correct (for example, US and U.S.), however, when used in the same text it will seem incorrect to your reader— which will undoubtedly impact your credibility.

Update Your Vision

As the saying goes, one week in blockchain is like one month in traditional enterprise. The messaging you use today may not apply tomorrow and, as a result, you must be prepared to revisit old copy to confirm that it still aligns with current or future endeavors. Company messaging is not evergreen; it must evolve with every milestone you reach. As such, consider setting annual or even semi-annual check-ins with your communications team to ensure that your messaging and company website are completely up to date. Having a communications plan that accounts for your company’s strategic development is crucial to making your customers feel like they’re a part of the journey.

In truth, a company’s brand is only as strong as how it markets itself to new users. It’s a reality that we are acutely aware of here at Wachsman, and we have made it our mission to learn how to expertly craft messaging for companies in the most forward-thinking industry in the world. Even the most tech-oriented, data-driven projects still need communications expertise to bring their products to the masses. By using the strategies outlined above, we believe that blockchain companies will be able to build the momentum necessary to do so.

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