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Wachsman….The Story so Far!

Since December 2015, Wachsman has had the privilege of representing some of the most distinctive and game-changing financial technology companies across the globe. Over the course of 2016, the world watched as emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT began to sweep across the media landscape, showcasing their collective might in modernizing the financial services industry. The cryptocurrency industry alone has experienced exponential growth, rising from $7 billion USD at the end of 2015 to nearly $40 billion USD today.


The value has accelerated in the last few weeks, and has reached a point of almost unfathomable velocity. As measured by CoinMarketCap.com, the digital currency industry rose from $30 billion USD to $38 billion USD – a 25% increase – in the last three days of April 2017, over the course of just a single weekend.


Although it has only been a few short months since our founding, the pace of innovation has led to several critical trends emerging. The world’s focus on Bitcoin became a focus on Blockchain, the underlying, distributed ledger technology underpinning all digital currencies but with the power to transfer many industries.


Wachsman has evolved alongside the industry. A one-man team in January 2016, today we are the world’s largest blockchain-focused, fintech public relations agency, with 12 employees across two offices on Wall Street in New York and downtown Dublin, Ireland.


Over the course of 15 months, Wachsman has worked with over 43 companies, achieved over a three thousand media placements, travelled to seven countries, attended over 40 conferences and events, opened one European office, hired twelve employees and as of today, authored one brief blog post.


Today, we’re launching a new website that better describes our services, highlights the incredible team we’ve assembled, while featuring the amazing companies and visionaries we are grateful to work with every day. This blog will continue to tell the story of Wachsman and our clients, while also serving as an outlet detailing the ever-changing developments of the financial technology sector.