Jesse Platz

Account Director, New York

Jesse is an Account Director with Wachsman.

After graduating with distinction from one of Australia’s top journalism schools, Jesse began his professional career as a television broadcaster with the WIN News corporation, reporting and presenting on politics, sport, environment, business, technology and current affairs. After a three year tenure, Jesse transitioned to Public Relations, joining the Australian Army as a Public Relations Officer.

As a Lieutenant, Jesse’s responsibilities included generating positive press for the Australian Army, Air Force and Navy, providing expert PR advice to soldiers and officers in barracks and on exercise, as well as leading military camera teams on domestic and international assignments. From 2009 to 2014, Jesse became the primary PR point of contact for the Australian Army on several operational deployments to Afghanistan, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Burma, overseeing the gathering of video content and imagery for civilian media consumption and public distribution. In 2011, Jesse was fast-tracked and promoted to Captain. On his third and final deployment to Afghanistan, Jesse was awarded a Chief of Defence Force Operational Commendation for his exemplary performance overseas, with particular focus on the way he told the story of the Coalition’s efforts against the Taliban in the southern provinces, the war torn nation’s challenging path to peace, and the local population’s growing support for military intervention.

In 2015, Jesse was posted to Australia’s capital city, Canberra, to train officers and soldiers on the power of Public Relations, media awareness, crisis communications, media interview preparation and social media advice. Late that year, Jesse completed his Major’s promotion course, but moved to the United States before the rank adjustment ceremony. Jesse began working for Wachsman PR in March 2016 and has regularly placed clients in top publications in print, online, on radio and on television. At Wachsman PR, Jesse was promoted to Account Supervisor in August 2016 and to Account Director in May 2017.