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Summer Interns at Wachsman Dublin: The Story of Isobel and Mycayla

Isobel Black

Currently completing a Bachelors in Commerce from University College Dublin (UCD)

On May 1, after completing a semester abroad in Montréal, Canada, I arrived home to Ireland. Two days later, I was sitting in Wachsman’s European Headquarters in Dublin 8. As a Bachelor of Commerce student, public relations was not something I knew much about, especially given my course’s focus on finance and accounting. However, after my four week internship at Wachsman turned into fourteen, I have gained extensive insight into the world of media relations, crisis communications and reputation management.

As an intern I was involved in a vast range of activities and participated in everything from the recruitment process to aiding in the distribution of press releases. My tasks varied day-to-day, from monitoring the media for coverage to creating content and drafting press releases, all whilst gaining a combination of knowledge in public relations, financial technology and the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Even though the percentage of women in tech is a long-term trending topic in the media, the idea of working in the technology sector never crossed my mind. I now see myself as a future woman in tech and will continue to broaden my knowledge while reading resources such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or Forbes. Working with Wachsman has made me understand the real importance of traditional media and journalism.

I began my degree two years ago, with an open plan for my future. Now, I will head into my final year of university with a shiny new career path in mind. In addition, I have enrolled in an evening Diploma in Public Relations and Event Management.

I consider this summer spent at Wachsman Dublin, one of the best experiences I’ve had to date and I look forward to what the future holds for me and my Ethereum wallet


Mycayla O’Bryan

Currently completing a Bachelors in Interpersonal Communications and Business Management from the University of New Mexico

Born and raised in Orange County California, I moved to Albuquerque for my freshman year of college to attend the University of New Mexico. Going into my junior year of college I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experience something new. I decided to study abroad for my second semester of junior year, so I embarked on a journey to Dublin, a beautiful, vibrant and youthful European capital.

Dublin was also a perfect location for me to travel and experience Europe as a whole. During my time in Dublin I was lucky enough to visit numerous European cities such as Prague, Budapest, Edinburgh, Barcelona and many other cultural hotspots.

The four months flew by quicker than I ever could have imagined. I knew I wasn’t ready to leave quite yet, so I decided to stay a little longer and apply for a summer internship here in Ireland.  The question now was, what professional experience was I seeking? I had taken a few courses in Public Relations in University, so when I stumbled upon the opportunity with Wachsman I was intrigued and decided to apply. Although, I was a little overwhelmed by the concepts of Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency, I was willing to take on the challenge.

When I arrived for my interview, I met Emma and the team who were filled with optimism and passion for Wachsman. I immediately felt welcomed and I knew that if I was offered the opportunity to intern for Wachsman, I was 100% going to take it!

A week later I received the great news and on day one, Sarah and Jack introduced me to the world of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the PR industry as a whole. I will admit, I was slightly overwhelmed at the vast amount of information I had to take in at the beginning, but I was excited to delve right in.

No two days were the same at Wachsman – from aiding in the creation of assets for new clients, creating media lists or social media posts, or even participating in the hiring process – I have definitely developed a new skillset from working in Wachsman, and I have no doubt that this will be of great value in my future career path.