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Explore New Possibilities: Intern Program at Wachsman

Written by Wachsman Intern, New York, Jessica Glomb.


Towards the middle of my sophomore year at Penn State, I knew I wanted an internship in New York City, not only one located in a nice area, but one that would actually teach me something new. When I saw a listing for a Public Relations Internship with Wachsman, I will admit, it was a little out of my comfort zone. Something about working specifically in fintech seemed intimidating for someone who isn’t an expert, but I applied anyway because I looked at it as a huge learning opportunity about something that could be taking over our future.


When I had my Skype interview with David and Jesse, they explained to me more what Wachsman is about and how their clients mostly work in blockchain. Luckily, I had some background knowledge on digital currency and related topics, but I was willing to learn a lot more, and gain valuable experience in the  fundamentals of PR.


I didn’t think twice when Wachsman asked me to join the team as their Summer intern because I had a feeling it would be the best environment for an ambitious young woman about to start a career, and the company has only proved me right. Even on my very first day, I was never treated like the intern who is told to run errands or do tirelessly busy work.


I was warmly welcomed to the team and taught basic PR tasks right off the bat, such as writing bylines, forming media lists, drafting social media posts, contributing to press releases and even calling reporters. This is information that I will carry with me through the entirety of my PR career, whether it be in the blockchain industry or something completely different.
Aside from learning the basics, the seniors of the company allowed me to sit in on weekly client calls, read and edit their own distributions and even help conduct interviews during our hiring process. I really witnessed how PR works from the bottom of the chain all the way to the top, especially at an agency growing so quickly.


At first, I found it challenging to read and write about blockchain topics that I couldn’t fully understand. But, with the help of my new team at Wachsman, it got much easier very quickly. Our office environment is very professional at times, but it’s also a friendly, helpful and open, no judgement zone. I appreciate how questions are encouraged and never ignored, how quick the team is willing to help one another and how everyone respects each other.


Being that this is my first real professional period of work in New York City, I couldn’t be happier that I landed an internship I never dread going to. This program provided me with the PR knowledge I’ll need to succeed not only in the rest of my college career, but my professional career too. Aside from the PR lessons, I now know, I think more than anyone my age, about how digital currency, investing, blockchain and how high tech startup companies work; and that’s incredibly exciting.


Jessica Glomb using Coinsource Bitcoin ATM in New York City.