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Dublin’s Fair City… Wachsman’s Choice for European HQ


In May 2017, we officially launched our European HQ in Dublin, Ireland, a dynamic city with strong historic ties to the United States.


With a population of over 6 million and an area size of just 84,421km², the Emerald Isle can fit into Texas over 8 times. Despite its size, Ireland boasts a business-friendly environment, world-class talent, grade A infrastructure, a rising fintech sector, and a “can do” attitude that mirrors our approach here at Wachsman.


For many, Ireland punches above its weight on the world stage. For Wachsman, Ireland’s hypermodern economy, long established and vibrant culture, and most importantly, its leading fintech industry, make it a prime and logical location to start our European adventure. It is not surprising that Ireland is home to some of the largest technology and financial institutions in the world.


Ireland, now more than ever, is America’s gateway into Europe, a continent which is home to many of our clients; it’s quickly becoming the growth engine for fintech pan-Europe. Ireland’s proximity to the rest of Europe aids us immensely in servicing our regional clients most effectively while also further enabling us to nurture relationships with European media outlets and reporters.


Ireland’s Digital Economy represents 6% (€12.3bn) of GDP and has grown by 40% since 2014. Ireland is now one of the tech capitals of the world, home to Irish and Global tech giants such as Google, Intercom, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


For a PR agency, Ireland is attractive beyond the aforementioned economic benefits; it is also home to giants of the spoken and written word. Ireland has produced 4 Nobel literature awards, more than any other country per capita. Surprisingly, that total does not include legendary authors such as Patrick Kavanagh, James Joyce or Oscar Wilde. In addition, Ireland is home to Trinity College, host to one of the oldest libraries in Europe and the Book of Kells, a manuscript containing the four gospels of the Old Testament dating back to the year 800.


Another key factor in our decision is Emma Walker, a 26 year old Dublin native and Director of our European office. Proud to call Ireland home, Emma’s influence was an important part of our decision to build an office in Dublin as well. Wachsman’s Dublin office already holds four full time employees, with the intention to grow the team to 10 by the end of 2017, mirroring the development and fantastic growth of Wachsman’s global headquarters on Wall Street in New York City.


The ease of doing business in Ireland is complemented by a positive attitude which is also reflected in The Digital Hub, a semi-state office facility home to many international and Irish technology businesses, including Wachsman. The Digital Hub provides a collaborative environment where digital companies can thrive and we are delighted to be a part of this community.


With offices now on both sides of the pond, we are incredibly excited about our European office launch and our expansion as a company. We look forward to expanding our operation in this great city which will help us author the next chapter of Wachsman.