About Us


Split between the global media capital of the world and the fastest growing fintech hub in Europe, Wachsman services many of the most disruptive and influential forces in fintech. Founded in December 2015 by David Wachsman, the agency has become a leader in generating exposure and brand recognition for the most trusted organizations in the blockchain, digital currency, crypto-asset, and crowdfunding industries. With dozens of clients around the globe and rapidly growing teams working from New York City and Dublin, Wachsman is a resource for reporters and producers worldwide.


“Wachsman shines with an amazing team in two locations, extraordinary expertise in the Blockchain industry and widespread connections with the most important Blockchain, FinTech and mainstream media. Since day one Wachsman has felt a part of Lisk HQ. The great efforts of David, Emma and the rest of the team have made a big difference in our PR and communications from the very beginning. The Lisk Foundation is extremely happy to be able to work together with Wachsman and we are looking ahead to a bright future for Lisk with this collaboration.”

Max Kordek, President of The Lisk Foundation

“Wachsman has solidified themselves as a fintech industry leader with first class public relations support and execution. Coinsource had only three Bitcoin ATM machines throughout the country at the time they partnered with Wachsman, and now we are the nation’s largest Bitcoin ATM network. Coinsource has been a proud, long-lasting client of the Wachsman agency, which has catapulted our marketing presence and success.”

Sheffield Clark, CEO of Coinsource

“We have been working with Wachsman since even before we launched in May, and they have been experts at making complex ideas digestible to a mainstream audience. The team at Wachsman really understands blockchain and, and even more importantly, they are as committed to our vision and our mission as we are.”

Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit

“As a scrappy startup, we were hesitant to get the help of an outside PR agency. Since we’d heard great things about David and his team, we decided to pursue this relationship, and it ended up being a great decision! Wachsman has helped us to get exposure by helping us craft compelling stories and by connecting us with leading, reputable reporters worldwide. We plan to work with them long term.”

Sunny Ray, President and Co-founder of Unocoin

“David Wachsman and his team at Wachsman are as professional and motivated a group as I have had the chance to work with in quite some time. Wachsman are our partners and not only provide great PR exposure for our startup, but they take a real interest in our business. Without being an official member of our team…They are on our team. Having business partners who have been very successful in the entertainment industry and surrounded by Hollywood’s best PR firms and having those partners refer to Wachsman and his team as ‘the real deal’ gave me that extra confidence in hiring them during a critical time of our company’s launch.”

Brian Smith, CEO of RedCrow

“The professionalism, work-ethic, and integrity of Wachsman is second to none. Their contacts and ability to get the job done have helped us tremendously.”

Doug Miller, KeepKey VP of Business Development & Partnerships

“Wachsman demonstrated an outstanding ability to add value immediately through a more strategic, thoughtful, and holistic approach to PR than previous agencies with whom we’d engaged. We consider Wachsman one of our strongest and most trusted relationships because of their continual professionalism, expertise, reliability, and lack of self-interest. They truly are one of the partners that have made the biggest difference to Dash’s success.”

Ryan Taylor, CEO Dash Core